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Kotka Tervisemaja


The aim of Reio Vilipuu Rehabilitation Clinic is to offer its clients professional rehabilitation services and high-quality medical aids. We provide rehabilitation services for patients undergoing oncological acute treatment, post various operations, trauma, overload or sports injuries.

For women who have undergone breast cancer treatment, we offer breast forms/protheses with different shapes, weights and sizes produced by Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH in Austria and Germany. In addition we have perfectly matching lingerie, sportswear and swimwear with special features.

As exclusive representative of Bauerfeind AG in Estonia, we sell medical aids manufactured only in Germany – medical compression garments, orthoses, insoles. We are the only comapany in Estonia using 3D measurement technology for choosing medical compression therapy products (BodyTronic 600) and for the analysis and study of the arches of the foot and foot movement (BodyTronic 150).

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