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Kotka Tervisemaja


Audiomed hearing centre is committed to helping people with hearing problems. We consult children as well as adults. We offer a full service, starting from consultation and tests to finding the suitable solution for every client. We are the official reseller of Sivantos GmbH (former Siemens Audiologische Technik) in Estonia and have been reselling high quality Siemens (new name Signia) hearing aids since 1990s.

Even the most demanding client for whom it is vital to actively participate in the world of sounds will find a suitable solution at us. Audiomed hearing centre is a contract partner of the Estonian National Social Insurance Board (ENSIB), meaning that we offer hearing aids at state supported discount. We are also a contract partner of the financing company Medicredit so, if necessary, our patients have an opportunity to take out loans to finance medical services and acquisition of hearing aids.

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C Ward of Kotka Tervisemaja
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