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Kotka Tervisemaja


An individual is satisfied when his or her principles, desires and actions are in agreement with each other. Our specialists give their best to help you gain balance within yourself and with your environment. Our team includes psychiatrists (incl. child and adolescent psychiatrist), psychologists (incl. child psychologists), neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, mental health nurses, a speech therapist, a physiotherapist, an activity therapist, a creative therapist, and a social worker.

We welcome you especially in the following cases: you wish to have a better understanding of yourself and develop mentally; you feel that you have emotional or mental problems (such as excessive worrying, irritability, burning out, excessive anger or jealousy/envy, grief that is hard to cope with on your own, panic attacks, concentration difficulties, memory disorders, constant feeling of stress, decreased mood, lack of motivation, feeling of hopelessness, lack of energy, decreased work capability, sleeping difficulties, inability to relax, difficulties to act purposefully, uncontrolled racing thoughts, delusions, compulsive thoughts or actions, unexplained nondescript pains, problems with sexuality, appetite or eating disorders, etc); you suspect that you may have a mental disorder; you experience bodily discomforts that you find difficult to cope with; you wish an assessment of your mental condition.

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