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Kotka Tervisemaja


Babysport Children’s Centre aims to offer high-quality competitive physiotherapy, developmental therapy and health promotion services along with arts and crafts and music classes, as well as multidisciplinary social rehabilitation to improve a child’s coping skills, inclusion and learning ability. We also work with the Estonian National Social Insurance Board.

Our work is based on the principle of early intervention that aims at supporting the physical as well as mental development of a child. The early intervention approach is a transdisciplinary model that combines education, healthcare and social work to improve the health and wellbeing of children and prevent occurrence of developmental delay and functional disorders.

Above all, Babysport Children’s Centre is a cosy place where babies and children with their mothers and fathers can gain new experiences, acquire new skills and learn new exercises by engaging in individual therapy or by participating in movement, music and arts and crafts classes in a group.

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C Ward of Kotka Tervisemaja
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