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From family doctor to plastic surgery.


Health Centre Kotka Tervisemaja brings under one roof various specialised health care companies and service providers that offer a wide range of services in their particular field. The clinics that operate at Kotka Tervisemaja have long experience, they focus on modern diagnostics and treatment standards and are also internationally known. The clinics may have cooperation agreements with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and other providers of health care services, which means that the services are either free of charge for the patients or the patients have to pay for the services.
Kotka Tervisemaja opened its doors in the beginning of 2017. Buildings A and B of Kotka Tervisemaja house Rosenthali Perearstikeskus (Rosenthal Family Health Centre), Mammograaf Radioloogiakliinik (Radiology Clinic Mammograph), Niine Nahakliinik (Dr. Niin’s Skin Clinic), Dr Kullamaa Plastikakirurgia (Dr. Kullamaa’s Plastic Surgery), Kotka Erahaigla (Kotka Private Hospital), Sakala Hambaravi (Sakala Dental Clinic), Benu Apteek (pharmacy), Jalaravi Kliinik (Foot Care Clinic) and café Viktus. Building C will be opened in the second half of 2017 and it will house Marienthali Psühhiaatria ja Psühholoogia Keskus (Marienthal Psychiatry and Psychology Centre), ophthalmologist Jaan Reimand’s office, Babysport that offers physiotherapy for infants and children, Tervisepisik involved in treating sports injuries, Tursekeskus (Oedema Centre) and other health care businesses. Commercial and service spaces on the first floor of building C are intended for a Selver grocery store, a flower shop, a shoemaker, a Lens Optika eyeglass store and other companies.
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We have top specialists with long experience working for us. To stay on top, we constantly improve ourselves and the services we offer. We use our knowledge and skills not only to offer the best treatment but also to train others and improve our areas of specialisation. We see to it that the high level of medical treatment offered here and our good image are maintained in the future.

We draw inspiration from innovations and are always ready to improve. When we integrate innovations into our services, our priority is quality and we never compromise on it.

We put our heart into our work. We understand that each individual is unique and we try to find a suitable solution for everyone. We are available, polite and helpful, we share comprehensive information and talk to our patients in the language they understand.

We cooperate with each other in our centre but also with colleagues in other institutions. Were value our patients’ time and make access to necessary services as easy, logical and convenient as possible.
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  • Kotka tervisemaja
  • Kotka tervisemaja

As a centre that brings together various health care clinics, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • to offer, depending on the needs of our patients, integral services that maintain modern diagnostics and treatment standards;  

  • to use the best practices and experience of different service providers that supplement each other;  

  • to promote innovation in medical and support services, including analysis and introduction of novel diagnostics and treatment methods, telemedicine, e-consultations, digital registration, payment solutions for persons that pay for the services themselves;  

  • to become one of the medical tourism hubs in the Baltic Sea region.
Kotka Tervisemaja

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November 14, 2017

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Kotka Tervisemaja


July 7, 2017

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Kotka Tervisemaja

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